“Jeni provides us with regular financial expertise and is always on hand to answer questions whenever we need extra guidance. Although she works in a consultancy capacity for us, it feels she is part of the team. She is always eager to help us find solutions and make informed decisions. She has a lovely, easy going manner. Highly recommended!”

Claire Murray, Founder and Director, Emotion Works CIC (2018)

“Jeni is a rare breed in terms of financial administration and a joy to work with.  She is exceptionally able, sharp and focused.  She works quickly, accurately and economically.  She’s a listener who processes information and enjoys finding solutions to complicated problems, making it all look effortless!  Nothing phases Jeni and nothing is too much trouble.  She is happy working independently and great to have on the team.  Having worked with Jeni a couple of times in the past, she was my first choice when I was looking for financial consultancy in a new organisation with some very challenging organisational change to implement.”

Jackie Scutt, Director, YWCA Scotland (2014)

“Jeni has kept my books for a full year now. When I think of the consequences of becoming her client, I feel very fortunate and happy. I experience Jeni as intuitive and swift at the bookwork. By her diligence and expertise, she has given me not only more time to attend to my own clients, but also higher value from the data; easier to analyse for business planning.”

Stephen Walters, dexterity (2014)

“Jeni has been a huge support to us throughout the last five years…It is doubtful if we could have done what we have without her implicit and understated help.  So many thanks!”

Alan Kay, A K Associates (2014)

“I have worked with Jeni for several years and have found her work to be of the highest quality.  She was responsible for setting up my VAT returns and has managed these independently ever since.  I have found her to be responsive, helpful and friendly and I have every intention of continuing to work together in the future.”

Dr Steven Murray Yule, Managing Director, Pentlands Oncology Consulting (2013)

“Working with Jeni has transformed our business and team. She’s genuinely lovely to work with, but more than this, she’s a very capable ‘administrator’ with the full spectrum of skills and aptitudes that this essential role in any organisation entails. Jeni is like gold dust – so rare and delightful to find.”

Claire Carpenter, Managing Director, The Melting Pot (2012)

“Jeni has been working with us since 2009. She is an exceptional worker and maintains a keen interest in what we do and how we operate. She has sorted out our financial books and made a number of well thought out recommendations which she has implemented, greatly improving the way our accounts are kept. Jeni also handles our administration functions and this she does with patience, humour and understanding. She is highly reliable and has a pleasant and personable demeanour. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jeni to any organisation requiring her services.”

Alan Kay, Director CBS Network (2010)

“Concentrated attention to detail sums Jeni up. It has been a pleasure to have her invaluable assistance since 2001, thanks for everything”

David Breen, Head of Learning & Development Virgin Media (2009)

“Having depended on Jeni’s organisational skills for a number of years, I would like to express my gratitude (and my amazement!) for the efficiency, diligence, courtesy and creativity which she employs in her work. The phrase ‘Always a pleasure – never a chore’ comes to mind”

Mark Edwards, Mpower Development Ltd (2009)

“Jeni is sure footed, resilient and has the ability to think on her feet. I like the close attention to detail that I get. It’s not like I am a client – I am a member of the select group that are lucky to have stumbled across Jeni and to have her on my side, on call to get things done”

Michael Heaney, Benchwhistler Associates Ltd (2009)